African inspiration from the places I go to

July 13, 2016

I glean a lot of African inspiration from the places I go to and this is a collection of photos that I draw from. All of them encapsulate the elements of what I love in interior design.


Great chairs and colour scheme. Tastefully African accessory using the zebra print.



I enjoy the traditional English Colonial theme in this room… the deep buttoned wingback chairs and antiques add authenticity and history.



Open ceiling, persian carpet, traditional Colonial colour scheme.



Great use of horns, traditional African artefacts and antique lights.



In this photo, I enjoy the screeded cement flooring, simplistic African furniture, unique cupboard doors and tonal colour scheme.



A unique use of African sculptures for a towel rail, horns as towel hooks and African artefacts as decorative elements combined with stone basin and screeded floors.



I like the tree pillars and ceiling combined with screeded floors for a purely out of Africa look.

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