The Process

Meet and Agree

It is important for me to get to know the personalities of the people who will inhabit the space, which enables me to fully appreciate what their ideal intentions are. This will also help facilitate a good working relationship between client and designer in accomplishing what has been envisioned.

Idea and Concept

Combining the information gathered from the initial meeting, receiving the client’s brief for the project and my personal observations of the environment that I will be working with; I am then able to create a vision for how the space may best be utilised by pulling together a presentation which will graphically aid my client/s in the understanding of the concept. This will be displayed in various forms . . . a 3-D drawing, a presentation of sample materials, a computer generated story board or a selection of researched photos.

Design and Create

Once the client and I have agreed on the overall plan and concept I will source all the relevant and currently available fabrics, furniture, floor and wall treatments and then design the floor space and relevant customised furniture. At this stage of preparation the client will have the final opportunity to add and make minor changes before I proceed with a detailed quotation for the job at hand. At this point, clients may decide to complete the project without designer assistance if they feel confident enough to continue and implement the design work themselves, with perhaps one or two consultations thereafter to ensure they are on the right track.

Implementation and Installation

Finally, after the quotation has been accepted and agreed in writing and a deposit has been paid, I will engage in the implementation, ordering, making up, installation and delivery of all design angles/aspects.

Sam is the daughter of a client whom I met when her mother treated to her to a consultation as a birthday present. We have been updating her home over the past few years.

Sam Heynes

Private client

I called on Sonia from Sonia Hayes Interiors to assist me in my TV Lounge, from the first meeting, to the presentation of the concept I knew I was in good hands. It is worth contacting an interior designer as you can make expensive mistakes, she is professional but on the other hand relaxed and makes you feel special and becomes your friend as you go along the journey. I LOVE LOVE my lounge and feel blessed that I was guided and opened up to different ideas.”my lounge is now my happy place surrounded by beautifully selected fabrics and items of interest. Thank you Sonia!!!
Jayne Stalhut

Jayne is a well known figure in the Interior Decorating community.

The area Sonia decorated tells the story of the most professional, creative and delightful result that has changed our living area into a most attractive place to be. We have had so many favourable comments from friends and it is now really nice to be in that area.

Patricia Caldwell

Private client in Hilton.

Sonia transformed our home to one we are now proud of and love. The colours and choice of funiture and materials all worked so well together. She is professional, innovative and creative with an excellent eye for detail and quality. Sonia brings with her an infectious passion and excitement. She has a high work ethic and reliability and is such a pleasure to work with.

Cheryne Scott

Private client in Howick.

Sonia recently decorated my home. Her colour co-ordination was out of this world and she seemed to know just what style and colours would suit me. She also did some purchasing of Persian carpets afterwards for me at no personal gain. Her bubbly nature was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as a designer.

Tracey Wilhelm

Private Client in Drummond

Sonia is the best designer. I have worked with Sonia for the past 15 years. I am very happy. And I have had the most amazing results. Sonia always goes the extra mile for me and I  would recommend her for sure.


Carol Oosthuizen

Carol and her husband run a successful provincial business from their home and relocated to a Spanish style mansion in Hilton. Over the past 15 years, I have furnished and styled many of their homes (including offices and holiday homes) as well as their children's homes during our history together.