Art selection and framing

Part of what makes a house a home is in the finer details. The personal effects, the intimate details that take it from walls, floors and ceilings to the warm cosy place that is a sanctuary for our souls. My job is not to just organise the space and improve on structure of the home, choose finishes, select colours and ensure that form follows function in an aesthetic way.  My job is to make the space truly yours.

My longest standing client and now dear friend asked me to help her with a new look for their mantelpiece. The couple had just been to a well known Game Reserve and my client had seen her first wild leopard. They were lucky enough to shoot off a couple of photos before the leopard disappeared into the undergrowth. Without changing or altering the photo too much, they wanted this image to be the main feature of the room.

Using a programme to soften the lines and accentuate the features of the photo, I was able to take it to the edge of ‘is this a painting or is it a photo?’ After taking meticulous measurements, I then printed the image onto canvas further creating a question mark over what the medium is. I selected a rustic yet modern dark wood frame to compliment the mantle and the existing dark wood furniture already selected in the open plan living and dining room. The final result is a picture / painting that offers a talking point to anyone visiting the home.