Colonial Charm

This grand old house in Kwa-Zulu natal is rich with high ceilings, wooden floors and unmistakable Colonial Charm. My client, the avid traveller and Explorer, wanted to take the soft beige and pastel interior and add bright splashes of colour and hallmark African touches. With Ardmore fabrics adding a sophisticated African flair coupled with fine, small animal prints in the larger areas like the chairs and curtains, we invoked the African bush in subtle ways.

The largely earthy tones in the Dining and TV Room contrast with the grand and rich colours of the Men’s lounge where the colours of the Persian carpet set the tone. With the aid of a programme which allows me to drop the colours into an existing photograph, we enabled my client to take the plunge turning the pre-existing white walls of the Men’s lounge and entrance hall into the deepest blue without fear of making a mistake. With ample white accents and wooden floors, we struck the perfect balance of colour giving the house a warm and inviting presence to compliment the houses’ natural Colonial Charm.