Duckegg blue, grey and cream lounge

Left over fabric can be a total waste, but not in this scenario. I had already completed the refurbishment of a home – except for the main lounge which was separate to the rest of the house and therefore had been left till last – when the house was sold. The new owners contacted me to help me complete the job and with a roll of left over fabric which I had used elsewhere and we set to task to breathe life into the bare space which was to become the formal lounge. This lounge does not have a TV and instead will become a library and to receive visitors.

The challenge was the left over fabric was a stripey duck egg on grey linen curtain fabric whilst the existing carpet and walls were a rich creamy colour and the two just did not work together. Not to be discouraged, I found a concept which meant that armed with a floral incorporating all the various colours, we created a palette that not only worked, it wowed!

We selected large comfy sofas and wing back chairs, perfect for lounging around the fireplace which is central to the room, for this inviting space. The sofas are covered in a textured tweed type fabric which close up has grey and duck egg blue in the threads. The two wing backs form the base for the concept and catch your eye as you enter the room leading you to take in the two mirroring floral blinds behind the sofas. Layering cushions in both the floral, blue and colour of the carpet, the concept took shape and brought all the elements together.