Dusky Pink and Gold Bedroom Refurbishment

When my client’s daughter’s bedroom was damaged by fire we learned a valuable lesson on faulty adaptors. The ceiling, walls, curtains and leather sofa were totalled  so we decided to take the opportunity to refurbish the room. I had decorated the bedroom a few years earlier in timeless white and gold but it suited a younger and more trendy teenager and my client was now a young woman finishing her last year of law school and about to get married.

My clients vision was dusky pink and gold with chesterfield sofas and lashings of velvet. In tones of dusky pink layered with white and antique gold, this room took on a luxurious and romantic setting. The curtains and cushions were completed in sensual metallic velvet and to compliment the metallic feel, we used a voile with a silver thread which is understated but brings in a touch of bling. The white voiles disguise the necessary burglar guards while adding some opulence to the gold curtains. Using my favourite curtain heading, these pinch pleat curtains are literally perfect for the theme. To complete the theme, we resurrected the damaged headboard and covered bed base in a soft creamy gold metallic vinyl.

White plays an important role in this theme. The white Flokati rug, voiles and sheets calm down what could be an overwhelming amount of gold and it’s important to remember to always provide contrast when working with metallic finishes or a room becomes draining and oppressive. Together here, the soft whites, dusky pinks and old gold create an opulent and luxurious bedroom that is both timeless and classically beautiful.