A Northdale Makeover

The Brief

My clients wished to refurbish their entertainment rooms and invited me to create something unique which would highlight the tiling throughout the living areas. They wanted a “WOW” impact when guests arrived. They were looking for a modern touch and although the brief included a brash use of colour, I felt that the house and feature walls were asking for a more subtle palette. The client fell in love with my proposed schemes and I went ahead and sourced ready made ultra modern furniture and put colour co-ordinated soft furnishings around these pieces. We changed the lighting, furnished the rooms, sourced new chairs for the existing dining table, re-organised the seating plans and dotted new and old accessories around the space to make the most of the accent walls and cladding.

  • Furniture
  • Accessories

After trawling through modern furniture outlet stores, I found sofa units that would work and began building concepts around them settling on a cream leather corner suite and then sourcing single seater chairs that complimented them. For the single chairs I chose a floral fabric which included a metallic dual layer to mirror the wall detail in the room and found chrome legs to tie the furniture together. The curtains are soft cream with voile and were installed high on the wall to improve the dimensions/height of the room.

As I was unable to locate a server to match the existing dining table I had one custom made. The circular design detailing of the tiling of the entrance to the house and on the step leading into the TV lounge led me to include arcs and circles in the base of the server. All the living room chairs were manufactured by the same furniture maker and therefore we sourced the dining chairs from their catalogue. The wooden framed chairs were then sent to my paint techniquist for them to be painted to match the chrome legs of the dining table.

I used a circular pattern on the single chairs in the TV lounge to keep a consistent theme throughout these rooms integrating tiling, soft furnishings and furniture.

As my client did not have many accessories to add in the upgrade, every lamp, bowl candle and cushion had to be sourced. We were able to highlight special areas using their existing religious brass ornaments. Layering different coloured metals and shiny fabrics we combined chrome, brass and metallic finishes creating a “honeyed” colour scheme with a shot of blue and dark grey to give the concept some depth and contrast.