Seamless additions

Adding rooms and enclosing areas can really look cheap and spoil a stunning facade if not done properly. My client’s had recently moved into their new home – an Australian outback home with large open plan living areas and 180 degree views of the Hilton valley. The challenge was that the home has three bedrooms and one lounge and the new occupants had a family of four children and entertained up to ten children over the weekends and holidays. One lounge just was not going to work.

The house has a verandah on both sides – one gets full sun and is wonderful to sit out in winter, the other gets no sun and is cold and windy all year round. We decided to sacrifice this verandah and enclose it giving the family a family room and making use of dead space whilst still not losing the view.

Raising the stone shell casing and enclosing the verandah with windows and glass doors, this room went from cold verandah to usable lounge. Whilst the refurbishment is still incomplete, you can see what a difference this seamless addition is going to make to the family without spoiling the original design of the house.