Sheffield Beach Retreat

The Brief

This Sheffield Beach Retreat project was a collaboration between myself and Architect Laurianne Steere. I was brought into the project to make final decisions on finishes, soft furnishings and schemes. The client wanted a tranquil getaway for the discerning guest and decor which did not distract from the staggeringly beautiful vistas.

Click the below link for the final result.


31 Colwyn Drive, Sheffield Beach


  • The Colour Scheme
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Curtaining

Sticking to a mostly monochromatic colour scheme which blended with the surrounding beach sand, we added only splashes of colour. The furniture, light fittings and accent pieces mixed with Caesar stone tops throughout and polished concrete floors make for tranquil and relaxing beach retreat. Glass, stone, white and chrome all combine together to create a light, bright and quiet atmosphere. 

Comfy loose cover sofas offer serviceable seating and a relaxed atmosphere to this beach retreat. The sofas are in a stone colour or in turquoise to compliment the ocean views. Natural wood accents with a bent towards the modern and contemporary compliment the minimalist furniture.

Polished cement flooring in this climate is the perfect way to finish a house on the beach. The speckled appearance disappears en mass and provides interest. The lack of joins and easy flow enlarge the space without detracting from the views. These floors give off a natural stone appearance which helps create a seamless flow from beach sand into the home. They also allow the entire house to have the same flooring interior and exterior with tiles used only when wanted. Grass carpets and loose rugs combine together with the flooring to bring back a little of the old Colonial style. These floors provide effortless maintenance and easy cleaning given the constant foot flow and sand.

Recessed behind bulk heads, these 3 metre long curtains frame each window in beach sand colouring. We used a soft voile curtain on the inside track for privacy without blocking the views. Complete blockout curtains at the back provide the perfect excuse for luxurious lie ins in this beach retreat. The blockout lining also protects the voile from the harsh sun and salty environment.