Bespoke offices

Forest Gump was right… life is like a box of chocolates and likewise when you meet a new client for the first time… you never know what you are going to get. Nothing could have prepared me for the sophisticated visionary client who asked me to assist him with creating something completely unique and special for the new offices and showroom he was building for his used car business.

My client had done his homework on what makes people comfortable enough to make big purchasing decisions and because his vehicles supply both the top and lower end he also knew that the new offices had to be accessible for people from all walks of life. He however, likes the finer things in life so the challenge was ensuring the offices represented him well in his tastes while still accommodating a lower and upper end clientele.

We identified from the start that a warm and inviting feeling was key to the success of the project. I paired down the brief into ‘cappuccino colours’ and set to work selecting styles of furniture, modern wood finishes, wall colours, tiles, wallpapers and finishes that would compliment his layouts.  Together we poured over samples, he travelled extensively bringing back sample after sample which were dismissed one by one and replaced when we shopped together and through a meticulous and thorough elimination process, we finally arrived at a classic urban chic look which appealed to all of us and we hoped would appeal to the varying clientele.

We could not find doors to suit this stunning office and we wanted to offer privacy but allow in as much light as possible so we designed bespoke doors that incorporate the wood stain we chose from the beginning with classic modern lines which allowed for a glass panel.

The lighting above the staircase had to be exceptional as it set the personality and tone for feature which was to be the stair case. Selecting hand made bespoke lights which we chose in black and silver steel, these lights hang above the stair case and cast a mesmerising fish scale design onto the walls. The texture added some interest to the plain chocolate brown feature wall. Altogether a wow!

The stair case was the last issue to resolve and instead of replicating the theme of a high chrome finish, we opted for matte black metal which we love because it draws together the urban elements and the pillars and structure of the building. Ironically, we designed the stairs after choosing the lights so in fact the lighting set the tone for the staircase in the end.

The final result was a bespoke office that shouted taste and sophistication.