Sonia Hayes Original Artworks

These are a selection of Sonia Hayes original artworks. Some pieces are commissioned and sold on completion and others are for sale through Saatchiart as originals or prints.

Sonia works mainly in Indian Ink, Oil and Watercolour and has perfected painting Indian ink and watercolour directly onto treated canvas and sealing the paintings so that they can be hung unframed and or without glass. Sonia works with bright, undiluted colour which makes her paintings richer and whilst realistic from far, up close you can see the mini explosions of complementary or contrasting colours running into each other. The Indian ink renderings are a complex web of contour lines and washes which are graphic up close and realistic from far.

Sonia believes that each line in a face tells a story and her portraits seek to exhibit the personality, emotion and soul of her subjects. Sonia loves the natural world and historical buildings and represents them in a unique way transporting her viewers to another place. Her free, spontaneous style captures the energy of the places she visits in vivid colour.

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