Entrance Hall Revamp

The Brief

My client contacted me with just 10 days until her son was going to get married. She was expecting scours of people to arrive at her home as she prepared for the impromptu wedding. She asked me if I could revamp her entrance hall to make it appealing for arriving guests. The problem was that the house was far from ready to receive visitors. What we had to work with was an empty entrance hall which had recently had the hairline cracks in the walls repaired.

  • The Plan
  • Why Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Furniture

We rushed to choose available wallpaper, chairs, accessories and a stunning Persian carpet. The items were selected from all around the country and I hurried to ensure that the items would arrive on time. This entrance hall revamp was complete in 6 days! It is amazing what can be accomplished quickly and to see what just a few small changes can make to an area.

Wallpaper can add an immediate touch of elegance and warmth to an area that is difficult to achieve with paint. Plus it has the added advantage of disguising walls that are not perfect provided you use a thicker, more vinyl type paper. The wallpaper we selected had to be dark in colour for this high traffic area and serviceable for the inevitable wear and tear. The vinyl wallpaper selected is completely water resistant to the point that you can wipe it down if need be. It also has an ever so slight shimmer which catches the light. This adds to the ambience as you enter the house. There is no way that I could have completed the entrance revamp finishes and disguised the problems without it.

The lounge which leads from this entrance hall is a mixture of grey, black, gold and beige. I chose a the entrance hall carpet to prepare guests for what is to come. For me, nothing says timeless and class like a well chosen Persian Carpet. Especially in an entrance hall. The luxurious and gorgeous tones of grey in the carpet reveal small flecks of copper. These subtly highlight the legs of the unique side server whose top is a mixture of grey swirls in natural stone. The grey colouring of the carpet offset and tone down the gold in the mirror and wallpaper.

I like to choose one focal point for an area. In this case, my focal point is the side server. We subsequently chose low backed slipper chairs so as not to deflect attention or obstruct the view of the server. The subtle patterned fabric is just enough to give interest without demanding centre stage. And the dark legs of the chairs compliment the wrought iron balustrade bringing everything together and completing my entrance hall revamp.