Chin Wags Makeover

In a throw away society isn’t it nice when you can take the old and transform it into something new? Fresh tiles, modern colours, stripped existing walls and painted, tired chair frames and table legs are the foundation of the concept which is transforming the old fashioned Chin Wags Coffee Shop into a modern, yet nostalgic, restaurant filled with authenticity and character.

The dated chairs have had a major overhaul and are now modern black to accent the door frames and black pendant lighting. Once they are covered in modern leatherette, the photographic evidence will be all that reminds us of these chairs. Retaining the existing tables, we have given them a new lease on life by spraying the stands and giving them authentic, solid oak tops.

The Mall’s already selected tiles were our foundation colouring and selecting the colour scheme around these, we chose a charcoal with a brown base and a warm beige for the wall paint. Grey¬†Quartz will create the back drop for the counter and lap top station and matching leatherette will dress the soft furnishings to create a monochrome, modern, calming atmosphere.

Watch this space to see the restaurant take shape.