Chinwags Restaurant Courtyard Makeover

When Chin Wags coffee shop’s new owners called me in to help them move into their new premises, it came with the challenge of a simultaneous mall up grade. This meant that we also had the honour of designing the shared mall’s courtyard to suit the restaurant as this was part of their extended space. Check out how we created a piazza that is modern whilst retaining a nostalgic classical feel.

With a large and established tree in the middle of the courtyard, I got to work developing an idea that would allow for a more Mediterranean theme piazza style space. Checker board tiles and dark borders make this area a symmetrical and calming wonderland set with astro turf for the little ones.

Take a look at our “before” photos to see the old fashioned courtyard take a giant leap forward and join the modern world without losing some classical vibes.

The whole upgrade is still in progress so updated photos to follow so I include the plans for how the space will take shape. Watch this space for details.