Crossways Pub and Restaurant

When I was invited to bring some new life into the Crossways Pub and Restaurant, I was thrilled. Crossways is a Pietermaritzburg institution and since I was at university there, this pub has been a big part of my own personal history. Starting with white walls and various layers of neglect, we sought out ways to inject some much needed character and warmth into this special and historical site. The challenge was bringing a 150 year pub into a modern era and keeping both the older patrons and the youth equally satisfied.

Expansive quarry tiles dominated in terracotta so I sought a colour scheme which would neutralise and compliment this colouring. Settling on a gorgeous deep shade of blue, we selected deep brown leather accessories and Sanderson Check style curtaining fabric to complete this English style pub. Custom made booths and new solid wood tables brought in an authentic feel and whilst guests would scarcely notice the difference, they would feel welcomed, relaxed and enveloped in another era. I wanted to keep touches of modern finishes so we complimented the classic style with urban lighting and sprayed all silver elements matte black to accent the black Tudor beams. The two toned chairs were slowly replaced with brown and the entire picture took on a more sophisticated, authentic feel.

The onlooking wine area has always been a bit of an eye sore and became a storage area over years of neglect. With a largeĀ bar dominating the shallow space and disconnected crystal chandeliers, you barely noticed the fireplace and the potential of the room. I sought to bring some personality into the area and create a quieter seated lounge for discerning patrons to enjoy conversation away from the crowded pub. I chose a panoramic wine cellar scene which complimented the single point perspective of the space which immediately lent depth and personality to this underutilised space. Recovering the existing sofa in matching brown leather to the booths and complimented with cushions in the same Sanderson Style Check to match the curtains, we united the two spaces with a dark, atmospheric mural and oodles of deep blue colour. I swopped out the chandeliers to a more urban black trunking spot light which would eliminate all the dark areasĀ in the area and allow management to highlight functions and seated areas as they evolve. The long term view includes 3 wine keg bar tables with bar stools and two more comfy sofas which will take pride of place around the fireplace when the bar has moved to the outside area.