Dual concept bedroom

True to my client’s altruistic nature, their whole house, children’s rooms and entertainment areas had been completed when we finally turned our attention to the the main bedroom. We said we had left the best for last and the brief was that this sophisticated couple wanted a bedroom filled with every luxury that a 5 star hotel would offer.

The previous bedroom had been dark and the colour scheme was terracotta’s with rich browns so the only  fixed colour in the brief was that it had to be bright and light grey. We had already designed and completed the 5  star bathroom en suite in grey and white with bespoke designed mosaic tiles and so I wanted to keep to this theme. Starting with the metallic silver velvet curtains and sensuous grey luxury carpet, we worked backwards incorporating soft creams, golds and delicate textured wallpaper. Almost everything had an element of metallic in the finish in varying degrees to create this luxurious look. The stark white voile with it’s silver shimmer thread picks up the crisp white bespoke bed throw which covers the sheets. White plays an integral role in toning down the metallic elements and adding much needed contrast to the rich finishes.

Romance has everything to do with tactility as well and sensual colours so we chose a soft matte velvet in cream for the deep buttoned headboard and added deep buttoning to the otherwise  square bespoke chairs. The gorgeous love seat was a refreshing take on a bedroom chair and seats two comfortably in a warm embrace whilst the two single chairs offer seating in a more formal setting with an ottoman as a foot stool for comfort. These two chairs form the impression of the room as you enter and can be viewed from the end of the passage as you approach the bedroom. We felt they needed more drama and our final choice of colours for the scatter cushions brought them to life. The ultimate in luxury, a dual concept, this room offers a winter time splash of warmth in stunning saffron (my client’s favourite colour) and can also carry off a deep royal blue for the summer. Both concepts can also be combined in a complimentary scheme, but I love them separate and enjoy the simplicity of the softer colour scheme.

Bringing more light into the concept, we chose mirrored pedestals and wanting to keep them clear of clutter, selected hanging pedestal lights as bedside lights. These lights are also tinted in a light gold are absolutely gorgeous reflecting off the pedestals.

The final look is one of sheer luxury and softness with an understated elegance befit for the charismatic couple who share this space.