Mega Yacht Design

SHI is now working with Reanimer Yacht Works crafting, designing and decorating unique interiors for the luxury yacht industry. Choosing from an array of global  furniture and accessory designers, we cater to every taste from the modern and contemporary to the classical and traditional for those with an eye for recreating the elegance of bygone eras. We believe in using modern and traditional elements to create interiors which are timeless and yet capitalise on robust modern day materials. Whatever your taste, we will create a luxury experience with the comfort of home.

SHI believes in integrating the interior aspects of the vessel and design with the exterior, unifying the two so that your experience begins long before you board. We cater for different budgets selecting from catalogued products or designing , manufacturing and fitting bespoke items which cater to your individual tastes.

We remain committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly design and products and prefer to support suppliers with the same ethos. Where we can, we supply products which protect our oceans whilst we enjoy them.

Comfort and luxury is felt by touch as much as it is seen by the eye. Long after you leave a space, the details and art work continue to linger as memories and places you revisit. We love the challenge of creating one of a kind Art and Detailing which will make your interior unique. Our master wood workers push design boundaries to create awe inspiring wooden features.

Lighting is an integral component of our design and we are specialists in marine lighting offering automated systems which will monitor your lighting throughout the day adapting to the changing ocean vistas so you can enjoy a glare free, tranquil experience indoors.