Ninos complete makeover

Authenticity was the base from which this restaurant overhaul started from. Keeping the theme to the “real”thing, we¬† stripped the plaster off the walls to reveal the raw brick beneath instead of exchanging the history of the space for modern cladding or wallpaper. We added nostalgic checkered tiles in Italian tradition to bring in some classical elements and providing this space with some immediate history. Using grey and dark grey textured tiles specified for the common areas of the business park, we were given carte blanche on designing the tile layout for the common area courtyard. In so doing, using the same check design, we expanded the floor space of the restaurant and appeal of the restaurant by providing a piazza style area with waterfall, astro turf children’s area and open air eating. We love how we were able to retain the historical and well-loved tree which became centre to the design of the piazza.

We knew the restaurant floor space would be greatly enlarged and wanted to retain a comfy and cosy atmosphere so we incorporated comfy booths to block off areas. Upholstered benches, booths, a comfy corner sofa, lap top and cell phone charging stations and a bar height lap top station make this a space where you can spend the day in comfort and catering to your every need. Incorporating elements from the new owners other two restaurants, we are bringing together oak, black urban lighting, modern wooden designs and black framed furniture. The end result is a nostalgic blend of new and old, rustic and chic which we hope will suit the range of ages which are regular patrons of this popular eatery.

Watch this space for the on going transformation of the Chin Wags coffee shop into something altogether new and yet nostalgically inviting.