Tartan checks makeover this fishing and hunting inspired bedroom

August 24, 2016

Watch how tartan checks makeover this fishing and hunting inspired bedroom. My client asked me to do a makeover on her two grandsons room now that the children had grown into lads and the existing concept was out of date for them. She sent the below photo as part of the brief requesting a hunting and fishing inspired bedroom to work with the current furniture and curtains.


A brief and mood board helps speed things along, but the concept needs to be adapted to the room itself – taking into account the wall, carpet and furniture colour. In this case, the walls and carpet are a warm cream/stone and the furniture is mid-grey complimenting the existing rich red curtains which frame a second floor view of their gorgeous farm. Adding complimentary red and grey tartan checks and accessorising with black and white prints compliment the boys’ enthusiastic fishing and hunting hobbies. Accessorising with jars of collected items – like porcupine quills, black stones and guinea fowl feathers – found on the farm – and antique hurricane lamps, we have personalised the theme. Using the boys current fishing rods, coupled with some of their grandfathers antique rods, we will create a feature on the wallpapered wood panelled wall ensuring an authentic hideaway for these budding teenagers. So if you are working towards a makeover of a boys bedroom, try tartan checks and black and white accessories for a different and lively colour scheme to take your little men through the process of becoming teenagers.

CArol concept for boys

This bedroom has been reinvented. Here it is in the fledgling stage with wallpaper panelling and reshuffling of the furniture.


And below including the bespoke detailing.

c4We used recent pictures which best describe the children’s unique character and their iconic animals to personalise their shared space. The antique hurrican lights were electrified as reading lights. And family owned rods from their grandfather hang on the wall papered wood panelled wall.


The children have already added the items they are collecting for the room to personalise the space further.

c1 The casing of a family owned and commissioned rifle hangs on the wall along with fur lined water bottle. I expect the wall will continue to fill up with memorabilia and collectibles.


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