This “Arabian Nights” Bedroom transports you to a magical place

July 12, 2016

Arabian Nights prompted the theme for my client who wanted a bedroom that would transport her to another place and time. In this busy family home, this couple wanted to feel as if they had a sanctuary to escape to. The headboard was existing and perhaps the starting point for the project so I simply enhanced the bed with a bespoke linen four poster mosquito net. By combining cream silk, vibrant purple, brick red and gold in plain colours with rich paisley designs as accents, we created a luxurius, sensual and opulent finish. We installed a luxurious carpet with a typical Arabian motiff in the monochromatic design keeping the Arabian details to understated accents. There are two sets of curtains with the outer dummy curtains inspired from genuine regal Arabian Tents with tassles, fringes and details to enhance the colour scheme. We pinned the curtains back in classic tent style to accentuate the 180 degree views from the window. We built a wall in the middle of the room that repositioned the bed in front of the window so this couple could wake up and enjoy the view from sunrise from their bed. The walls were paint techniqued to mimic the inside of an Arabian tent using the traditional shapes associated with Arabic design. The conclusion… a romantic Arabian getaway filled with sensual delights.

window from bed shannon's bedroom

shannon bed  shannon chair window2

shannon chair window

shannon curtain detail



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