Nature Inspired Colour Schemes

August 13, 2015

Nature inspired colour schemes bring tranquility and serenity to a space and design.  Often we are torn between tones and colours but if we work with nature inspired colour schemes, the palette and tones are already perfectly atuned and selected for us.

Often the most difficult part of decorating any room is choosing a colour scheme and yet we are naturally drawn to certain objects, seasons, rock formations etc which would make seclecting a colour scheme even easier and more personal. Try drawing your source of inspiration from the natural world and see how it makes a difference to your decorated space.


I collected this stone on one of my travels because I loved the colours in it and the stone helped me create a soft and tranquil bedroom. Already inspired by the gentle concept, I incorporated a “bed pom pom” which mimicked some mystical sea coral or anenome.

Bedroom pom pom in Blush