Warm Palettes in a cold room

August 13, 2015

It always works to use warm palettes in a cold room. My own lounge is decorated in these colours and this is my favourite complimentary colour scheme that people repeatedly ask me to replicate in their homes because they have seen it in mine…. and consequently, in so much of my work. I have had to make it a goal to recreate this concept differently and uniquely each time pushing me to be more and more imaginative. It is the perfect concept all year round provided you do not overdo the strong reds using it purely as an accent and by stick to a predominantly neutral palette and slightly muted shades. This colour combination mimics one of the most visually exciting and exceptional seasons of the year, yet it still provides a calm mood to any room.

I snapped these leaves at the beginning of the this Autumn season. It is amazing what variety of colour there is on the same branch.

Red leave1s

I couldn’t resist these spikes of colour from a flowering aloe.


For a different twist to the Autumn palette: shades of beige, brown and a shot of golden yellow. A concept I have used to great affect in lounges and bedrooms.

single yellow lea000f

Take a look at how Autumn inspires me to create warm, inviting spaces time after time.

Surgical Reception:

Inviting shades of brown and burnt orange.Inviting shades of brown and burnt orange.

Main Lounge:

Shades of AutumnShades of Autumn

Entrance and Living Area:

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

TV Lounge:

Comfortable TV LoungeComfortable TV Lounge

Entertainment Room:

Corner SuiteCorner Suite


Retro Classical Kitchen.Retro Classical Kitchen

Main Bedroom:

Sage green and burnt orange bedroom.Sage green and burnt orange bedroom.

Formal Lounge:

Beige, silver, gold and yellow.Beige, silver, gold and yellow.

Paisley in my TV Lounge: